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Wedding and Event Video & Films: Why Do I Need This Service?

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

OK, now I get to put my two cents in. You have learned by reading my "about" column, that I began me voyage through the land of weddings and events as a wedding videographer. Here is why it is important to hire a professional production company to film your wedding or event.

A wedding or event creates the opportunity for families and friends to come together, all under one roof, to celebrate with the honoree(s), to create memories of a lifetime. This could be your ONE CHANCE to get moving pictures and audio of all of them, young and old, that can be cherished long after the party is over, and for generations to come.

I already hired a photographer, why do I need a video or film?

A wedding or event video and film is much different from photographs captured throughout the day. It gives you the chance to relive the event as it happened. See "live" video of your dad's face when he sees you in your wedding dress the first time, your grooms face as you walk down the isle towards you, hear your wedding vows, see Uncle Manny dance to his favorite song (you had no idea you had it in him). Listen to the toasts, your first dance song with your awesome dance moves. See grandma and Pop Pop win the "longest married dance" and give you a kiss when you give them your wedding bouquet as the prize. A wedding video or film gives you the ability to relive the most treasured moments of your wedding, in real time, on your 65" TV screen. Who can so "no" to that!?

Wedding Videos today are much different than your parents'. Technology has changed, as well as the styles of capturing and editing, that can yield a final product that looks more like a Hollywood film the a home video.

My Sister Has a Video Camera, I Will Just Have Her Film It!

Unless your sister has experience with capturing weddings or events. It is important that you hire an individual or company with experience filming the event in question. Nothing is worse than receiving your video and it is as shaky as a California earthquake, with audio that is worse than the first Youtube videos. Let your sister enjoy the event from her seat, and enjoy the festivities as a guest. Leave the filming to a professional.

Everyone eventually realizes the importance of having a professional wedding video or film. Unfortunately most couples realize this AFTER the event has already taken place. Don't make this mistake.

There are many types of event coverage that can be met with any budget. Some capture with DSLR or Cinema cameras that give the footage that movie "depth of field", and some use professional video cameras. The DSLR or Cinema option might cost you some bucks, but the outcome is pristine. You'll feel like you are the stars of an Academy Awarded film.

When hiring a professional videographer of filmmaker, be sure that they are using proper audio capture devices. Be sure that at least the groom is wearing a lavaliere microphone during the ceremony so your wedding vows are crisp and clean. Also wise to have a microphone on the podium or microphone stand during for the readings as well. The reception should also be captured with professional audio gear separate from the on-camera microphone. The best way to capture clear reception audio is to place a portable digital media recorder on a micrphone stand next to the DJ or Band's speaker. Make sure to monitor the audio from time to time to make sure it is not "clipping" which creates unusable distorted sound. Better to set it a lower input level and raise it in post to avoid this mistake. Also, make sure not to place the recorder to close to the dance floor as great audio is not a replacement for a broken bone when your Aunt Sophie trips over it when cutting the rug. If she does though, and it's captured on video, be sure to post it on the #bloopers page!

Post Production

Be sure to see how the video will be edited and delivered. Best case nowadays on a BluRay Disc. Some companies may even offer 4K, and digital delivery for viewing and sharing on your portable electronic device.


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