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The Ceremony: Gateway to your New Beginning.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Boat or beach. Church or temple. Back Bay or backyard. The venues change, but they all lead to magical transformations.

Beach Intimate Wedding Ceremony
Beach Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Being in the wedding and event industry for over 20 years as a video producer, I have seen everything. I have filmed wedding ceremonies, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (some of the latter more extravagant than the former!), first communions and Brit Milah (Bris). Funerals and memorials.

All unique, but the objectives are the same. The passage from one chapter of life to the next. A uniting of two people, the transformation from infant to child, child to adult, adult to ash.

Rites of Passage

A rite of passage is a ceremony or ritual of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It involves a significant change of status in society.

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Outdoor Ceremonies - Embracing Nature.
Outdoor Ceremonies - Embracing Nature.

Outdoor Ceremonies

There are many options when considering an outdoor wedding or event. First, one must consider the common climate of the event's date. Always have a "rain plan" unless your plan is to unite in the rain. Many outdoor venue have indoor spaces that can be used in the event of in-climate weather.

Indoor Ceremonies

Like outdoor events, indoor events offer many options. The first thing to consider is level of religiousness. Some conservative religious officiants may only conduct a wedding ceremony in their own congregational home. Some may have the flexibility to conduct a service off-site yet offer a nice traditional level of spirituality. Other options are wedding and event specified venues, hotel and conference center rooms, old barns, unaffiliated chapels, and even castles.


It is a Western custom for a newly married couple to exchange a kiss at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony. Some Christians hold the belief that the kiss symbolizes the exchange of souls between the bride and groom, fulfilling hte scripture that "the two shall become one flesh".


Most wedding ceremonies I have encountered are between 15 and 30 minutes. These are usual civil ceremonies, with a few readings, rings, vows, and KISS KISS. The longest ceremonies I have witnessed were Greek Orthodox. These wedding ceremonies last sometimes over 2 hours, and that's with the officiant speaking so fast you can barely understand what he is saying. Traditional Hindu weddings are around the same length, but I find them much more relaxed with too many traditions to describe during the service.

Mehndi, otherwise known as henna, is a paste associated with positive spirits and good luck. IndianWedding tradition calls for a Mehndi ceremony to be held the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage.


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